EVE Settings
EVE Settings
MiningBot v1.20.05
MiningBot v2.17.01
Autopilot v1.00.03
MB Tweaker v1.00
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08.08.2016 - MiningBot v2.17.01 (YC118.7 v14.06)

23.06.2016 - MiningBot v2.17.00 (MAY 2016 v14.05)

25.04.2016 - CITADEL (v14.03) - MB1 + MB2 still working


  • Load Overview: During faults in the mining progress it is possible that overview entries getting deletet. Here you can load overview filter (if you created some) so that you ever fly arround with an empty overview.

    You also can set a time after that an other filter is loaded. So you can start with mining expensive ores and change the overvie after a time to mine all ores.

  • clicker: Here you can set desired positions of the game that will clicked with the mouse during the mining progress. e.g. the shutdown reporting window OK button or anything else that you find usefull.

  • Menu Height: Change this values only if you use different font sizes than the standard from eve. here you can set how many pixels the mouse navigate through the menus to find the right entry.
    "Docking" become active after you set the option "Split warp" on the "Mining"-tab

  • Startdelay: The time after the miningbot begin to operateafter you press the START Button(e.g. if the EVE window must be maximized).

  • Key config Wait time: The time the miningbot waits before the position of the mouse pointer is set after you press a position button

  • Make EVE active before actions: If this field is activated each time before an action of the MiningBot EVE will going to the foreground when another window is in front of EVE (Windowed mode).

  • Bot always on Top: This will prevent that the MiningBot get behind the EVE window during worktime (Windowed mode)

  • Random time added to all actions: If this function is activated for all actions a variable time between 0-10 secondsis generated.

    This is to prevent that the MiningBot will do each action in exactly the same timespan. So the risk to get catched is minimized.

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