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EVE Settings
MiningBot v1.20.05
MiningBot v2.17.01
Autopilot v1.00.03
MB Tweaker v1.00
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08.08.2016 - MiningBot v2.17.01 (YC118.7 v14.06)

23.06.2016 - MiningBot v2.17.00 (MAY 2016 v14.05)

25.04.2016 - CITADEL (v14.03) - MB1 + MB2 still working


  • Set the EVE options like on the picture below.

    Important on this is the game resolution of 1024x768 and the "FixedWindow"setting

  • Set the remaining options like on the screenshots.

  • Here especial measures to keep the window colors to "Dark Matter" and the transparency controls to 0.

  • Restore the standard window positions.

  • Collapse the "Selected Item" by doubleclick. The Overview moces up by this.

    The MiningBot is optimized for german language interface, so you have to resize the width of the "Distance" column to match the size on the screenshot for other language interfaces. Otherwise the Bot will not be able to dock.

  • Move the "People and Places" to the left-upper corner. Reduce the width as far as possible

  • Reduce the cargo window to its smallest possible size. The "Index" must be collapsed.

    Arrange the cargo flush to the dronewindow.

    Move the chatwindow to the corner above the cargowindow, beside to the overview. You will arrange the stationcargo to this later.

  • Open the cargowindow and reduce the window to its smallest possible size. The "Index" must be collapsed. Move it unde the chat window. Do the same with the stationcargo and place it under the shipcargo window.

  • Set the "Shortcuts" for "open ore cargo" to "CTRL-Q", the "Shortcut" for "open people and places" to "CTRL-E" and the "Shortcut" for "iventar" to "CTRL-T"

  • Go to space and open the overview settings. Unselect everything.

    Now add "Stations" and every needed asteroid type.

  • Sort the Overview for "Distance". The closest asteroid needs to stay at top.

  • Now create bookmarks from positions where asteroids are in target range

    Create a bookmark from your station. The Bookmark type must be "Station".

    The station bookmark must be the first in the P&P list. The asteroidbelt bookmarks must follow directly.

  • The end result should look like this

    (Click to enlarge)


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