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EVE Settings
MiningBot v1.20.05
MiningBot v2.17.01
Autopilot v1.00.03
MB Tweaker v1.00
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08.08.2016 - MiningBot v2.17.01 (YC118.7 v14.06)

23.06.2016 - MiningBot v2.17.00 (MAY 2016 v14.05)

25.04.2016 - CITADEL (v14.03) - MB1 + MB2 still working


  • To set a position press with the mouse on the desired button and drive with the mouse pointer over the position in the game where the MiningBot should click. Right-click on the buttons deletes the position.

  • It is advisable to let the game run in windowed mode because you can avoid the maximizing and minimizing of the game to set the MiningBot options.

    If you want to run the game in fullscreen mode, select in the miningbot the tab "Protection" and set the option "key config waittime". So you have more time to set the mouse to the desired position.

  1. Select here the first asteroid belt bookmark and sepcify how many asteroid belt bookmarks in the bookmark list are beneath this entry.

    In combination with "change position" all bookmarks in the list will be approached. This makes possible to approach as many asteroid belts as being shown by the selected screen resolution.

  2. Here an entry at the shipcargo will be selected. From this position the ore will be moved to the station hangar.

  3. Set here the position of the stationcargo. The ore from the shipcargo will be moved here.

  4. With this bookmark the ship will warp back to the station (the type of the bookmarks must be "station").

  5. Set here the position of the undock button. This button will be used to undock from the station after depleting the shipcargo.

  6. Select here the first asteroid in the overview. This is the asteroid that each time getting targeted each mining cycle.

    (notice that only asteroids has to be shown at the overview, otherwise the MiningBot can't work correct.)

  • Change position: Here you can set the time after that the MiningBot will steer to the next asteroid belt. This happens after the ship undock from the station.

  • Asteroid approach: by set this option, the ship will approach the first asteroid in the overview at each mining procedure.

  • Timers:
  • Docking Time: The time that is needed to bring the ship out of the station.

  • Warp Time: The time which is needed to fly the ship from the station to the asteroid belt.

    Here is to consider that this is the time which the ship needed to completly stop at the belt. If you are still in warp, the context menus has different entries and asteroids will be deleted from the overview.

    The Number before the Warptime is for more than one warpphase, if the belt is to far away for one jump

  • Mining Time: Here you can adjust how long the ship will mine (until the cargo is filled) before it warps back to the station. If you want to use the function "slot reactivation" so you should set the time divided by the reactivations.

    (Example: A mining progress that takes 180sec to complete must be set to 90sec with 2 slot reactivations

  • Clickdelay: This will set the pause between each click event. Slower PC's or laggy connections can cause e.g. longer times until contextmenus open and so actions will execute before the menu is opened.

  • Targetting: The time the ship needs to lock the target. Very usefull in combination with "Laser per target".

  • Split return: By activating this option, the return to the station not longer be initialised by the menu entry "Dock", but it will warp to 0 to the station and after arriving it will choose "Dock" from the menu.
    Ensure that you edit "Station Warp" and "Docking" on the Tab "Protection" so that the bot clicks the right contextmenu entries.

  • Slot Actions:
  • Slot Loops: Set this to prevent that the ship is mining on empty asteroids.

  • Bonus Targets: Here you can set that with each slot restart again x asteroids can be aimed.

  • Actions:
  • Here you can define which actions the MiningBot shall do during the progress. If you disable one, this action will be skip.

    (e.g.. For hauling you need only "Get targets", "Harvest" and "Move ore").

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